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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live as an animal in the Serengeti? and try to survive…

Looking at a cheetah, for example, you start to realise how well these animals are completely fine-tuned for their environment, their hunting grounds, and how they study their prey and know what to go for and what not.

In other words, they do not go after everything; they do not try to kill a buffalo, elephant, or crocodile.

We all have watched these national geographic videos or you might have actually seen it in real life, where you can clearly see that the Cheetah considers the cost of the hunt … too big, and he might get hurt; or too far, he might burn to much energy, and the cost could be fatal.

Other animals, like crocodiles, have a different hunting strategy. They wait for the right moment till their prey is in the water or near enough, and they know that in the water they have a huge competitive advantage. Ever tried to run through knee-deep water?

You can, if you like, compare this with marketing, where you choose your environment, your group of customers, and the tactic to get after it.

Here’s a real example of how you can choose your customers and environment and reach them using a tactic with low risk or cost.

I studied Competitive Advantage, a book written by Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard University.

What he revealed was the secret to choosing your group of customers with a similar need, passion, or budget. What I added is to make sure that you choose a group of customers that you know where to find and reach without spending a huge amount of money on Google Ads.

We can connect to virtually everybody and what you see is that people divert from random connections to more structure and more and more people chose to connect with people with a common passion… Hiking and walking groups, mountain bike groups, and birding clubs are just a few examples of the many. Now, if you, as a tour operator, choose your group of customers, it might be a great idea if you share that similar passion.

I know that it defies all reason that something like a birding club could be holding the golden key to premium prices, independence, and great profit margins.

Yet, as ridiculous as it seems, if you choose your group of customers well, you know where to find them, and you can reach them, and this in itself will make you less dependent on greedy travel agents or money-draining Google search ads.

As I like to walk my talk, I have chosen a group of customers with a similar passion; they come together weekly, and I know where to find and reach them. And as I am rolling out my strategy for getting customers, you can follow along.

to be continued.

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