5. A leg up! Gaining a competitive edge with your newsletters

Dear Members,

It is hard to beat your competition if you are copying them.

…. having your own strategy is crucial. Yes!

and you’d better sell something you yourself are passionate about. In this way, you are, as a matter of fact, in the shoes of your prospects.

When you do, you’ll have the experience and knowledge of what your prospects want.

Let me give you a sample

I find bird watching to be very interesting and enjoyable. Although I’m not an expert, I will go out and explore the areas surrounding the Usa River if I get the chance.

Before long, I had made a list of the various species and found out where some of them were nesting. I also noted their behaviour, including when they are most likely to be spotted and what time of day they are active.

A good way to link this would be to write a newsletter about what you saw that week, perhaps researching and highlighting a specific bird species, but the most interesting stories are your experiences—what did you see and notice?

Write the newsletter in your own words, and share it every week by sending it out to various birding clubs in Europe or America. Ask the clubs if they can share it with their members.

Yes! you include a link to your website where readers can sign up to go on a birdwatching trip. Reach out to them by offering intriguing bird-related content in your newsletter, and open the door with a link to your website and a suggestion: “If you are interested in seeing these birds for yourself, here are the details to join a birdwatching safari.”.

If I were to work and live in Europe, I would likely join the local birding club or group. If a birder from Tanzania offered to send out a newsletter, I would gladly subscribe to it in order to learn more about the birds in Tanzania.

I might not have Tanzania on my holiday list at that time, but after receiving and reading the different newsletters that I received every week, I would start getting more and more interested in seeing those birds in Tanzania for myself.

What I’m trying to say is…

You let them come to you rather than searching for clients by beating the bush… Rather than promoting to everyone, you laser-focuses your efforts. Thus, you only deal with prospects who have already been pre-screened, pre-sold, and are prepared to join.

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